How to Make Your Own Korean Skin Care Routine?


Have you ever seen any Korean girl without flawless and beautiful skin? Have you ever thought about it? This is because Koreans think caring for their skin and complexion is investment. Skin care is part of Koreans culture and involves different steps in it. If you really want to take care of your skin you must follow Korean skin care routine in 10 simple steps.

The 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine:

Koreans start taking care of their skin at early times i.e. when they are teenagers. Not like us who start taking care when we have high UV damage. Koreans even eat that food which help in skin glow and avoid sun so as to avoid sun damage.

1. Remove Makeup:

Firstly remove the makeup using makeup remover or u can go with natural makeup remover process. Remove eye makeup using rose water or any natural remedy preferably. If you have oily skin use towelette to remove makeup and if you have dry skin it may lead to irritating so just massage cleansing oil on your skin.

2. Use Cleanser:

Rule of thumb, the time you have spend putting the makeup on your skin the same time should be take to remove the makeup. Massage the cleanser in circular motion on your face using your fingers. Oily skinned people should use foam based cleansers and dry skinned people should go for the cleanser having cream base. According to Koreans massaging increases circulation and brightens skin.

3. Use Exfoliator:

Those who have sensitive skin must avoid it. People with oily skin must use it ones a week. Use it near the T zone or area which is prone to blackheads.

4. Use Toner/Refresher:

When you wash your face it seems it is clean but actually it not ideal state of our skin. As using cleansers it may reduce your skin ph level. Toner will help to regain the ph level of your skin. Choose toner according to your skin type. Otherwise it may lead to skin dryness.

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5. Use Essence:

The essence and serum both works differently but many people get confused and skin the step. There are different essences available in market like moisturizing, brightening and many more. Essence is a thin hydrating liquid which prepare our skin for all treatment. Pit the essence into the skin and get refreshing experience.

6. Use Serum:

Serum has different functions it depends upon you which kind you want. For different skincare concerns, different serum is available. Serum can also help in fading sunspots and smoothing fine lines. One must go according to the requirement of skin.

7: Use Sheet Masks:

Sheet masks are recommended twice a week and even more if skin is dry. It is better than a cream or serum as it forces your skin to absorb nutrients and moisture. Use of mask helps to get soft and brighter skin.

8: Use Eye Cream:

Eyes skin is very sensitive and you must take of it. Dark circles under eyes are major skin problem faced by many people. Skin under the eyes is very thin so pat the cream gently. One must cover inner and outer corners of eye with cream.

9: Use Moisturizer:

Sometime you may feel your skin is under so many layers. Massage your skin with good moisturizer. Allow it to absorb completely before moving further.

10: Use Night Cream:

As we all know while sleeping our skin regenerates. So night cream is important as it will help to regain our glowing and natural skin. Massage gently with night cream using your finger tips and leave it overnight. See the night magic within few days!

The process doesn’t end here. In the morning when you wake up you will definitely want to stay away from any cream. But you need to apply a proper sunscreen according to the requirement  or you can use any BB cream with SPF. If you don’t follow this, the whole night effort will be in vain because sun will damage your skin totally. I am sure you don’t want that. So go with these steps and you will surely get a glowing, Korean-like skin.

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