8 Incredible Beauty Hacks You Didn’t Know You Can Do with a Spoon


So, did you know spoon can actually be useful in various beauty secrets? While many of us are still under impression that spoon can only be used in kitchen, here we brought you an article about different uses of spoon in beauty regime. Did you know, spoon can actually help you apply proper eyeliner? Well, I am talking applying proper winged eyeliner with a spoon. So, run to your kitchen and grab the spoons from there. Now you won’t need them just for eating, but you would need them in beauty treatment too. Here are the tricks on how to officially integrate one into your beauty routine.

1. You can apply mascara with the help of spoon:

So, to apply the mascara in the best way, you need to hold the spoon underneath your lower lashes which will help to efficiently coat the lashes with mascara. Spoon helps to apply mascara without the mess. To get extra-dramatic lashes, you can give a try to Urban Decay Perversion Mascara.

2. You can curl your eyelashes:

When you want a proper curled eyelash, you can place the back end of a spoon against your lid and lightly press your lashes against the edge. This will help to give you a dramatic curl.

3. Helps to treat puffy under eye bags:

If you spend a night before infront of laptop, or probably if you are not getting enough sleep you are sure to see under eye bags. At such times, freeze some spoons in the refrigerator and then keep in on your eyes once they are cold. You can gently glide them underneath the eyes and keep rotating them inner side and outer side of eyes. Cold spoon can help to decrease the puffy under eye bags.

4. You can go with easy contouring with spoon:

While many of them thought, contouring was very difficult in practical life. They are actually tricky in real sense, but you can make it easy with the help of spoon. Once you have applied your blush, place a spoon and then start contouring it. Make sure you are actually blending out all the lines.

5. Get the perfect winged eye:

You can get a Perfect your cat eye by using the handle of a spoon which would assist you in simply drawing a straight, winged line. Now, you need to flip the spoon and then use the rounded edge to create the curved tip!

6. You can gently push the cuticles with the help of spoon:

Spoons can be extremely helpful to solve your various beauty solutions. Spoon can help to push back the cuticles a little, which will avoid further pains. You can use spoon to shapes your nails, when you actually don’t have time for manicure and pedicure.

7. Spoon can help to treat cracked heels:

Keep some couple of spoon in refrigerator and then allow to them to get cold, colder and more colder. Now instead of spending money in parlors, to get your manicure done, you can easily get do it with spoon. Giving a cold massage with spoon to your cracked feet’s, can help to relax them and also relief pain.

8. Spoon helps to heal a new pimple:

While in all the above steps, we have guided you to apply cold spoon, this time you need to heal the pimple with hot spoon. Keep the spoon directly on the gas and hold it for few seconds. Now this does not come to your responsibility, that the spoon is not over hot nor does it will get your skin burned. Once the spoon is bearable, you can keep the spoon on the pimple and press it a little. Now heat the spoon once again, and check the temperature before you apply the spoon.
Do you know about any more beauty treatments? Let us know by comments!

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