How To Contour Your Nose Like A PRO!


Believe it or not,Contouring is best beauty secret of silver screen’s industry. We all are not so lucky that we have naturally perfect nose, but to get a nose shape perfect we need contouring. Contouring is typically done on side of your nose. Follow these steps and methods and you will definitely get perfect nose shape.
A brown blush, Eye shadow, Matte bronzer, Sculpting powder all these act as helping tools in contouring.

1. Make Nose Look Thinner:

 Draw Two Lines Down your Nose:

Firstly apply foundation. To draw the contour lines use an angled eye shadow brush. The line should be kept light. It’s difficult to take the product away but easy to build it. To find out where the contour lines will go, use 2 Q-tips. Hold them in both hands and align them on either side of your nose and in middle of nose. Here, the contour lines will vanish.

Highlight the Bridge of your Nose:

Select the highlighter which is 1or 2 shades lighter than the natural skin tone. Start applying highlighter lightly from top of your nose to the ball of nose in thin line. While applying highlighter be careful not to wider the lines as it will make the nose appear wider than thinner.

Blend away Harsh Lines:

If there are any harsh lines blend them away using a blender brush or sponge until left with subtle shadows. This will make it look neat.

2. Make your Nose Look Shorter:

Darken the Tip of your Nose: Use of bronzer or eye shadow on the tip and curve between your nostrils will help to make nose appear shorter. Preference should be given to matte bronzer or eye shadow. Blend the powder in.

Apply Highlighter: Apply highlighter on the bridge of nose. Apply highlighter on halfway down as it gives illusion of shorter nose.

Make your Nose Look Shorter: By shading down the sides and tip of nose it help nose appear shorter and thinner at same time. Begin with contour lines parallel to tear ducts and avoid brow bone so as to avoid length.

3. Make Nose Look Longer:

Contour at Brow Bone:

Begin with contour lines at the curve of brow bone, so as to make nose look longer. After that work all the way down to the tip of the nose. Just underneath your eyebrow the line of the brow should begin.
Quick Tip: Always work from top to the bottom.

Use Highlighter:

Starting from tip and all the way down the bridge of your nose apply highlighter to make nose look longer. Extend the highlighter up between brows so that it is parallel to the highest point of your eyebrows.

4. Make your Nose Look Strighter :

Contour your Nose:

To draw contour lines use small angled brush, starting at your brows draw lines down the sides of your nose with the help of 1or 2 shades lighter powder than your skin tone. Connect the lines at the bottom between your nostrils, at an angle. Must look like a downward arrow.

Blend away the Lines:

Blend away the shaded lines, concentrating on outside of the lines with the help of fluffy shadow brush.

Highlight the Nose:

Draw very fine lines at the center of brows and down the bridge of nose by using a concealer or foundation. Blend with concealer, and dap the sides of nose near nostrils.

Tip: Always use the color of powder or any other product which you are using for contouring, 1 or 2 shades darker than the natural skin tone.

So keep trying these tricks till you get that perfect nose feature you desire!

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