5 Simple Tips to Apply Makeup For Small Eyes


Every girl desires a pair of hot and bold eyes to look pretty. Small eyes are tricky to beautify but ravishing them is not too difficult. Protrude your small eyes with tricky tips. It is always a few things that make amazing changes.
Small eyes, hooded eyes or droopy eyes, is not a big deal to mess up with. Here are some secrets to reveal the beauty in the pretty tiny eyes. Come let’s join the runway to beautify tiny eyes.You can see simple tips to apply makeup for small eyes.

Simple Tips to Apply Makeup For Small Eyes

STEP 1: 

A Perfect Eye Brow:

So beautiful girls out there, you have to groom your eye brows well to make sure your eyes stands out and look fuller. To highlight your eyes, you have to choose the right width. Making it thin, would give eye lid enough space to look larger.

STEP 2: 

Hide and Seek:

Dark areas retreat and light areas stand out. Cover all the darkness with a concealer. Puffy eyes, dark circles wrinkles are to be seriously covered. This does not help any way in making your eye look bigger but would help you make a strong base for your eye make up. Choose a velvet or satiny effect base so that the eye looks lengthy and smooth.

STEP 3: 

Eye Shadow:

This is divided into 2.
• Basic Eye Shadow
• Eye Shadow of Choice.

Basic Eye Shadow:

Use a light colored shadow. Apply it all over the eye, right from the lash to the brow brown. Let the colors be beige, ivory or white. Ideally it should be pearly. This technique helps to enhance the size of the eye.

Shadow of your Choice:

Generally we apply the darkest tone on the crease, but in the case of small eyes we start it differently. We start application of shadow from the outer corner of the eye leading it up towards the crease and then down to the eye lid. This pose helps to protrude the eye. This trick also allows you see the whole lid without crease.Use a large round brush to make this arc shape. This is a secret revealed, totally enhancing the cute tinny eyes.

• Use light colors to brighten eyes.
• Use dark colors at the eye corners.

STEP 4: 

Lash lines:

Thick lines are big mistakes in case of small eyes. Instead use thin, small lines which would give eyes super alert effect. LASH LINES are divided into.

• Upper lash line
• Lower lash line

Upper lash line: When you have small eyes, end the liner in the middle of the eye. This allows lash look lengthy. Start the liner from the outside corner and end it in between of the eye. It’s the best trick out.

It’s a common mistake to line the lash straight away, giving it a droopy look.
Always curl the tip to give uplifted look.

Lower lash: Do not over do the liner. When comes to the lower line it’s very crafty. The unique way to brighten up the eye is to use a nude or white pencil. Apply it all over the tear duct and the inner rim. This would redefine the eye. Also you can cover the lash line but do not make thick lines.

STEP 5: 

Curl the lash:

This is very important when you have small eyes, CURLING brighten up the eyes and really wide open it. I personally recommend curling, lengthening and voluminous mascara. The after effect of applying these MASCARA are productive. The eyes look highly defined when you use MASCARA that perfectly matches your eyes.
Be careful that you do not over lengthy your lashes, as they may hide the lid. Put most of the mascara on the middle and outer corners of the eye.

Tips to remember:

• Groomed eye brow is the starting tip to commence the art. A perfect eye brow gives ample space to craft the eye.
• Pale eye shadow on the lid, like pale pink, pale yellow etc.
• Always keep the darker colors on the outer side of the eye as it enhances the size.
• Eye rims or the water line if out lined give a drastic change in eyes making it looks wide and vibrant.
• Always use nude pencil to line water rims. White can also be used for a high drama look.
• Mascara can be coated multiple times to thicken the lash look. But be careful, as it may hide the lid area.
• A highlighter can be applied under the inner corner of the eye to get luminous look.

Small eyes with big effects are ready to be gazed. Tiny little eyes have now turned bold and glamorous. Try these tricks and tips to fancify your set of beautiful eyes. Look how fascinating they look after you apply these little ticks. Be beautiful, bold and happy.

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