10 Ways To Masturbate And Have An Orgasm For Girls

how to masterbate

Masturbation is not just for Men! Women too have gone wild with their fantasies and are all open to pleasure they have been blessed upon with. Masturbation was a taboo among women for quite a while, but women now are adventurous, wild and experimental.

So to help our ladies explore their bodies, we have listed 10 mind boggling ways they could feel, touch and play with them and have orgasms like never before. Have a read and have an out of the box experience ladies…

10 Best Ways To Masturbate And Have An Orgasm For Girls

1.Try The Hand Shower:

The above mentioned techniques are great to masturbate and have an orgasm, but if you are a firm believer of never ending pleasure then you should try the hand shower too while you look at cleaning yourself up. The hand shower is a great device to stimulate your clitoris for an orgasm, if the water force is pointed towards it. When the water jet is targeted to the clit, a great stimulation occurs that would help you have another orgasm and further could help you squirt all your juices out, all at once.

2. You Could Try A Vibrator:

While most women might be skeptical to use a vibrator, a lot of them do give it a try. A vibrator need to not be always inhumanely huge. A decent looking vibrator will give you the utmost pleasure that any other complicated vibrator would claim to give. Before you use the vibrator, always remember to have the vagina wet enough either with your own juices or with some water-based lube. Once it is all greasy, start using the vibrator the way you like it. Try out different things like rubbing it around your clitoris or penetration, whichever position gives you the maximum pleasure. This pleasure would ultimately lead to an hell of an orgasm.

3.Touching Yourself:

The key to an awesome orgasm is going slow. Exploring your intimates slow and steady will only give you extended pleasure and too much fun throughout this intense exploration. So finding yourself a comfortable cozy place is extremely important and then touching those hidden places like they were not touched before. Feeling your flower is from the outside and inside will not just excite you but get you all in the mood to go further.

4. Rubbing The Clitoris:

Fingers can be used in many ways and if you are getting naughty tonight, then you should know how best you can use them. Start with one finger then two and so on to massage your clitoris. The clitoris is your pathway to heaven as it has many nerve endings all secluded at one place. Touching your clitoris will turn you on and give you an amazing feeling. Rubbing it further will erect your clit and give you an orgasm.

5. Pouring Some Lube and Fingering:

Not all women can get slimy and sleazy down there so quick. But to get the maximum out of this, you can get all that desired wetness by pouring on some lube. Lubricants are available in different flavors to give you the right tingling sensation. So apply some lube on your lips of your vagina and then use your fingers to slide it all inside the vaginal opening. A few thrusts and you should be all paced up to have an orgasm.

6. Find Your Zone:

Finding your erotic zone is extremely essential. While you pamper yourself, always remember to explore your body and see which part of the body turns you on the most. Once you figure that out, it is how you caress and touch it. The usual zones that women turn on with are the breasts, the neck and the clitoris. However it can vary from women to women. So while you play with yourself, stimulate yourself further by playing and touching these erotic. It will add to the sensuousness of the act and help you have a great orgasm.

7. Change Positions:

The traditional way of self stimulation is always by lying down, but that is not the only way to do it. You could sit, stand , twerk, hop and do everything possible while you masturbate. Ideally one position might slow your masturbating ability, hence trying multiple positions will enhance your experience and give you an sexual outburst like never before.

8.Setting The Mood:

The first and foremost important thing, before we get all cheesy and horny with ourselves is to set the right mood. So to get the ambience right, a few essential oils in the room to give that fragrance would dos some good. Visual aids are a must if you need to you to tame your mind to get into the mood. So get something spicy to watch and let those thoughts flow in.

9. Wearing The Right Clothes:

Well wearing the right clothes here, doesn’t mean wearing lingerie and or something all revealing. We suggest you wear something easy breezy for easy access to your privates. A loose pyjama or a skirt can make you feel all comfortable.

10. Pat Dry Stimulation:

With all that stimulation, your vagina and clitoris must be all high on orgasm. The is the time when they are usually sensitive and a touch can do wonders. Overdoing it will give you pain, but giving it a gentle massage while you pat dry yourself, will only give you that additional pleasure and a never ending orgasmic feeling. You should definitely try out!

With this we wind up our list of 10 amazing techniques that will certainly make you have a one of a kind orgasmic experience. So why deprive yourself… it’s time to spend sometime with intimate time with yourself and have a good time!

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