101 Makeup Tips & Tricks You’ve Never Heard


I should say, behind every beautiful woman, there is no one but a expensive makeup kit. Yes, that’s absolutely true and all the girls reading this out will surely stand with me. So, here we brought you 101 makeup tricks every girl must know about.

  1. To make your makeup last longer and avoid makeup from leaking, you should always apply ice cubes prior to applying makeup.
  2. To get a soft luscious lip in the morning, you should apply Vaseline over night. Repeat doing this every day.
  3. Application of honey lemon mask can help you to get rid of scars and marks on your face. You can apply the mask once in a day.
  4. To get a natural curly hair in morning, you should tie your hair with a handkerchief and keep them overnight. Avoid using tight rubber bands and hair bands.
  5. To prevent hair from over drying, always use conditioner after you have washed your hair.
  6. It is not necessary to wash your hair with shampoo regularly. You can make use of conditioner to get a soft, fluffy hair in the morning.
  7. Always make a point to apply perfume at note wants. You can check the different note points of Google.
  8. To get a natural straight hair, you can apply milk to the roots of your hair and leave them for 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water.
  9. You can clean your makeup brushes with coconut oil. Submerge them for half an hour and then wash off with soap water.
  10. To get blister free feet’s, you can apply lip balm on your feet’s. This will help you avoid getting blisters.
  11. Always scrub your lips with the help of toothbrush, to get smooth luscious lips.
  12. Massage your hands and legs once with coconut oil. It helps to soften your hair and also avoid from getting injections.
  13. You can use eye cream on cuticles. Eye cream keeps them hydrates which make them strong and healthy.
  14. Go for manicure and pedicure once a month.
  15. To get a natural glowing face, steam your face twice a day. Steaming helps to shrink the size of your pores and also remove dirt.
  16. Get a facial once a month is something good. It helps to lift your face.
  17. You can use a loofah to get a good print on your nail. Loofah helps to master the nail art.
  18. You should always keep in mind to keep summer makeup minimum.
  19. To avoid sticky hair, use baby powder as dry shampoo.
  20. If you don’t have nail remover at home, you can use perfumes to remove the nail polish.
  21. Never use sanitizer after you have applied nail paint! Sanitizers remove them off.
  22. Always keep a toner in your purse. It helps to keep your face clean and fresh.
  23. Wipes are the secret of good looking and fresh skin.
  24. If you want a slick hair back, you can always use hair serum.
  25. You can use bronzer to make your cheek bones appear brighter.
  26. You can always use blue eyeliner to give them a fresh look.
  27. While applying lip gloss, always apply them on the centre.
  28. Use rose water every night to encounter fresh, glowing skin in morning.
  29. you can use air blower to get a fog free mirror.
  30. If your skin is acne prone, use creams with salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide.
  31. You can always use mascara stand to comb your bows.
  32. To make your lipstick last longer, use dab some tissue paper and apply again.
  33. Whether summer or not, always apply sunscreen lotion on your face.
  34. Always choose a lipstick that suite your skin tone.
  35. Never go for fruit based face wash, if you are allergic to them.
  36. If you encounter a pimple coming in, apply tea tree oil to it.
  37. Inspire of using more of foundation now, you can choose BB creams.
  38. You should always remember the more the SPF the more the protection.
  39. You should always apply sunscreen after every three hours.
  40. You should never use styling machine on your wet hair
  41. Always allow your hair to dry in natural air.
  42. Never dry your nail paint with hot air. Allow it to dry in natural, cold hair.
  43. You can use lipstick as a book marker too.
  44. To make your eyeliner last longer, always choose a smudge free kajal.
  45. To make your hair style last longer, always make use of hair spray
  46. To highlight your skin, you can make use of tinted moisturizer.
  47. Always choose the face wash that would suit you.
  48. To make your highlight remain longer on hair, make use of color protective shampoo and conditioner.
  49. if you want your highlights to fade away, go swimming
  50. Never go for foundations or lipsticks while you are swimming! Sunscreen is enough.
  51. you can make use of blotting paper to remove excess hair
  52. Oiling your hair is very important for good, strong hair.
  53. always follow the guide given to you behind the product
  54. keep a watch on expiry date, and trash them when not needed
  55. If you encounter any changes in product, trash them away.
  56. If you know how to rock bold lipsticks, go for it. Orelse dont!
  57. Use two different mascara to make your eye lashes look great.
  58. never use lip-gloss over red lipsticks
  59. use baking soda if you sweat more
  60. application of wine to hair is always good
  61. always use aloe vera gel after shaving or waxing
  62. avoid going out in sun with your freshly waxed skin
  63. use ice cubes over face to get a glowing skin
  64. drinking lot of water can help to keep your skin hydrated
  65. Avoid running your fingers over your hair regularly.
  66. go for a bun to sleep at night
  67. always remove your makeup before you sleep
  68. drinking green tea once in a day helps to give you a glowing skin
  69. use a moisturize with SPF in morning
  70. Yoga can help you to boost energy and health
  71. Always start your day with fruits or juice
  72. trim your hair after regular intervals
  73. wash your makeup brushes often
  74. clean your brush with soap water
  75. washing sponges is very important
  76. keep your makeup away from sunlight
  77. wear lip-gloss with SPF in summer
  78. use water to set your makeup flawlessly
  79. you can get a great combination on mixing two eye shadows
  80. drink lots and lots of water
  81. always carry the important essentials in your bag
  82. avoid over using of perfume
  83. keep tattoo away from your face
  84. use lots of baby powder in summer
  85. apply baby powder to your shoes to avoid cuts
  86. Don’t apply heavy foundation
  87. Don’t go for cheap products
  88. Always try to use concealer.
  89. know your makeup according to your dress
  90. go for liquid eyeliners
  91. use tissue paper to flake out the extra makeup
  92. to minimize your pores, use a toner
  93. go for brands rather than cheap cosmetics
  94. Use moisturizer to mattify your hair
  95. pumice stone can help you to get rid of flakes
  96. Remember to use dark glue for eyelashes.
  97. If you are using primer, add color to the only place you have used.
  98. you should try to play with colors
  99. to make your braids stay longer, use a spray
  100. Baby powder can help to remove the sand particulars accumulated on your skin and cloths.
  101. You can use a setting spray to make your makeup last longer.

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